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And build a snowman.

the first time you saw snowfall or a particularly cold day when you were forced to stay indoors

Read Star Wars the Clone Wars. On a snowday I always go in the snow!

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By nobody , January 20, Scientists found that the speed of climate change is becoming more quickly in the past 10 years. Then, a block later, it will be covered in ice. That is my favorite snow activity. I see the earth of yesterday covered as white as any new page and the toddler in me rises as if armed with a rainbow of crayons, eager to set that right. Sometimes I go really fast. On snow days I like to make snow angels and snow men. Their relationship is the central focus of the novel, as it changes each time Shimamura leaves for Tokyo and returns. The hardest part is the driveway because you have to walk up the driveway to dump the snow with every shovelful. Snow can also be dangerous, as it can lower visibility and make driving very difficult. I love snow days because we have no school and it is fun to take time off. When I have a snow day I go snowboarding with my dad and my brother. She wore mittens and a red knitted cap below which her black hair lifted when she turned. I also like to play monkeys with my little brother. Snow is a form of ice.

They inched up the steep, wide avenue, wheels spinning momentarily before they regained traction, their wipers moving frantically over the windscreen. General The wind howled, piling up snow in drifts, blinding the night with ice-white dust.

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Get my gear on the watch the clearing of the drifts, but instead Papa hands me the shovel and simply nods. One time we went to a pretty waterfall. The work of This I Believe is made possible by individuals like you. When we finish the puzzle we scramble it all up for next time. When you are going down a hill you go so fast or at least at my hill I go fast. The shrubs and trees were stained with white. Chloe Giordano Lebanon Borough School Grade 5 My favorite activities to do on a snow day are sledding, eating Christmas cookies, and I also like to roast marshmallows.

I shovel with my brother and my dad. Next I like to go sledding.

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Snow only above 2, meters above sea level. Last Christmas my sister and I got fake snowballs.

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There were the same houses with their peaked shingle roofs and the black street-lights that would ordinarily be off already. Without snow. I put on my blue, baggy snow pants and quickly run out to join my friends. On a snowday I always go in the snow! By nobody , January 20, When we're done I go in and make hot chocolate! Click here to read his essay.

After my friends and I are done, we go to one of our houses.

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