Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of technical education

Masha : Yes, we all must avoid doing it.

dialogue between teacher and student about importance of education

Myself : How can we overcome this problem? Masha : but, I must make a cautious use of it, because it consumes a lot of money. Firoz : yes. It is essential for you. Knowledge of IT is a must to ensure Digital Bangladesh.

A dialogue between two students about their future

Anwar : It is really a tough task to teach the illiterate people reading and writing. Monira : Actually, I was busy with something else. Anwar : What is your future plan after the exam? Alif : What for? Ans: A dialogue between myself Salam and my friend, Anwar regarding plan after the publication of the result: Salam : How are you. But no nation can develop keeping aside half of the pupation. I see. Mother : Right. Thanks and you? Zaman :Thank you Kamal. Habib : Very good. Teacher : I see you are cutting down trees indiscriminately. Student : Thank you , sir. It is essential for you.

Smoking is really a bad habit. But can we prevent this from happening?

Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of technical education

Where do you like to admit? You will have t go with your family. Sometimes people speak at the top of their voice inside the bus. Make dialogue between two students about the necessity of learning English language. No matter how big your problem you are having now but ask God to help you carry your burden. Luna : Good morning, I went to see one of my cousins who fell victim to acid. Firoz : What is the condition in English of your class- mater? Myself : Fine. It is a very bad habit. The students should be made aware of good manners and bad manner. Alif : Thanks. Our country is industrially backward. Hafiz : The toughest task for an adulation man is to find a suitable job. We are just human, there are sufferings and frustrations in life.

Rakib: You are most welcome. Apu : Good idea. Habib : Very good. Anis : Is that!

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Dialogue Between Two Friends on Information Technology