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One simply drags the window to a certain location, and it resizes automatically.

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As I look outside the window, what do I really expect to see: Two lovers walking hand in hand, a little girl lost in the wilderness, or a woman expecting the unexpected. We have sat by this window and contemplated some eventful memories of the past.

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Do you know what it is to love someone? I see old people sitting under a tree reminiscing on the good old days when they were once young.

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There are limitations to everything. I spend many nights looking out of it as I try to fall asleep, it overlooks most of Bennington and is actually quite beautiful at night, all of the street lights sparkle like bioluminescent Pyrrophyta. Baraka demonstrates how living things in this planet use and abuse the privileges of the world. The crush, nervousness, and shyness towards one another. Why does everything we see, look different when looked through a window? My favourite equipment at the barbershop was the water spray. No one. I have always been told that I would have to figure it out on my own, which means there is no definite answer. Are we really allowed to do or say anything we want? I looked at the rear view mirror but the visibility was hazed. In addition, the more realistic and grittier soap operas such as Eastenders and Brookside began using it in their storylines. Reflect on the scene, paying close attention to the relation between what you are seeing and why it is meaningful to you. Looking through a window I see life. MS-DOS was a command line based operating system where users had to type various commands to complete tasks.

Eyes are windows toward the world.

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