What matters to me most in life and the reasons why

Your consciousness matters to the entire world. When we are warm, happy and secure we can then….

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You can inspire someone who feels broken. In order for education, personal development and freedom to be achieved we must have our basic needs satisfied. Food, water and shelter after all, are physical things.

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There is no doubt that having passion for something is a key component to achieve success, but it's only one part of a larger equation. They are receptive to the process of life and do not have fixed outcomes on how their goals will be achieved. I am passionate about health, flowers, planners, beauty, organic food and products, fashion, cleaning and organizing, movies, reading and the list goes on.

Life is replete with the meaning I assign it. The real answer is this: Money and power reveal who you really are.

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Could I zero in on one of my passions and make it a success? Your consciousness matters to the entire world. You can go back to school and learn more. So, work hard for little money is how that works out…heck no! Are you still with me? When a new movie comes out usually it has to be an independent movie , I get super excited and can go to the theatre to watch it. Write a love letter to money and see just how you feel about it. Just like many of us, I was raised to be honest, modest and a hard worker. I began to love what money brought to my life. I am dedicated to consistently learning about health. When our basic needs are met, we can then…..

You are worthy of a great life…. Money fuels causes you care about. Keep shame and negative energy around money and your dreams will wither and die.

Money creates opportunity for choices.

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50 Reasons Why Your Life Matters