Typical day in my life

Natalie comes over three afternoons a week so the two of us can work, since we both work from home. I never lost faith, however, and continued to pray no matter what hardships I encountered, and the good Lord in all his power, glory, and wisdom decided that it was not yet time for me to receive His holy judgement.

The day of his visit came and went like time in an hourglass.

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Darn cat. Potential rewards for eating a good dinner. I was finally about to see my father after four long years. If someone handed you twenty-three dollars would you be upset?

Typical day meaning

I clean up from lunch. Wailing and gnashing of teeth ensues. The lighting is good. The living room is destroyed while I chat. I never really knew what was going on except the fact that Mother was very sick. Reed climbs down and follows us. Somehow, that load of laundry takes 30 minutes. I put Finn in the highchair next to me and he snacks. In the morning I tend to use the app and then, right before bed, I copy to the journal and reply to the evening questions, as well. I decide to think it over while I fold a load of laundry. Little did I know that you would continue to amaze me every day of my life. In a crazy, unheard-of coincidence, my agent lives an hour from me. Down three pounds since January 1!

Sometimes it takes awhile, and afternoons are admittedly not my best writing hours. I grab them as soon as I get back in, because I might forget again in 20 seconds.

After I finished eating I went back to my desk. March 13, I have something a bit different for you today. I never really knew what was going on except the fact that Mother was very sick. I try to sneak by, but Finn sees me.

She holds me accountable to my health goals, while I do the same for her blog goals. However, I can still recall every single detail pertaining that day and his visit.

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A Day in My Life