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Some students ask about storm spotters vs. In some cases, other more modern methods of storm reporting are actually encouraged over ham radio, especially if it offers picture, video, GPS, and automatic reputation verification resources.


Newer technologies are more popular than amateur radio, especially for storm information and reporting. Wild weather video. The reckless behavior seems to have occurred while acting as employees in a business relationship with the Weather Channel.

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This should be emphasized to everyone wishing to go out and chase storms. All the amateurs are only out there to gain fame and fortune by selling tornado videos to various websites and local television stations. Hollywood and the media have certainly sensationalized storm chasing to the point of creating potential problems. Every guest joins in the hope of seeing a different element of these storms, but almost all are united in their desire to get up close and personal with a large tornado. This kind of behavior puts innocent people at risk. These are the kinds of storms that can produce highly damaging winds, hail larger than a baseball in size, and gargantuan tornadoes. Should we pass laws against storm chasers? In addition, the two can also be seen driving around neighborhoods that were severely damaged from tornadoes with no first responder or emergency training, it seems not to help people but to get video and interviews for the Weather Channel. News media that run with anti-chaser stories need to avoid hypocrisy. Ben holds numerous professional licenses and certifications, ranging from information technology to healthcare and emergency medical technician. News media and individuals have a shared responsibility as you can see. Meteorology leaders should continue discussing respect, due regard for the safety of self and others, and the issues that need to be addressed with the current state of the storm chasing and storm spotter communities.

Let's talk about it. Skywarn nets should welcome veteran chaser participation.

TWC then instructed them to barrel into dangerous weather conditions to obtain footage, needlessly endangering local residents fleeing impending catastrophe and trained first responders. A majority of storm chasers do not block emergency vehicles, nor do they break traffic laws any more than the average person does. The storm chasers blew through a stop sign at 70 miles per hour, killing her son and themselves. There seems to be significant communication between the two chasers and the Weather Channel, including the ability to monitor, control video, stream to Facebook, on the cable channel, and a feed back to the truck. Even if you are just out there for the thrill of the storm, no problem. The amateurs cause lots of problems which would not exist if they stayed out of areas where tornados are occurring or believed will occur shortly. Enlarge image. Ben holds an M. The news media and entertainment industry directly caused a rise in sensational storm video and pictures, even encouraging people to risk their lives to send in awesome tornado video. This knowledge allows guides to watch carefully for developing storm structures that indicate a tornado may be imminent, and position their guests in the best place to safely observe it.

All storm chasers and spotters should have the utmost respect for nature. Finally, we should work to replace the sensational, careless, thrill label that seems to currently define storm chasing with respect for nature, safety, and respect for life and property.

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A meteorologist studies weather data using advanced forecasting systems.

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