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Neither enterprise met with much success.

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Missouri-born, May 8,and except for his years of government service in Washington, D. Kansas City in his young manhood was a city afire with progress and entrepreneurship. A student of history and a believer in the power of symbols of great times and great men, he could not let the home of the presidents go.

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The once creaky old house was renewed. The union demanded a wage increase, but the mill owners refused to grant it unless the government allowed them to increase the prices of their consumer goods, which had been capped by the Wage Stabilization Board. Hamby paints a more nuanced portrait of an insecure man, uncomfortable with personal confrontation, who vented his anger in private letters that he never mailed. He came to the presidency in the shadow of President Franklin D. After a set of complicated behind-the-scenes maneuvers orchestrated by Democratic party officials, Truman emerged as the consensus choice for the vice-presidential slot and performed admirably, if not flawlessly, during the national campaign. Missouri-born, May 8, , and except for his years of government service in Washington, D. Vice Presidency When FDR had to choose a running mate for the presidential election, he deemed his acting vice president, Henry Wallace, unacceptable. As part of the Pendergast machine, Truman certainly rewarded the machine's allies; he would not have remained in Pendergast's good graces had he done otherwise.

Truman's handling of this dispute further tarnished his reputation with the American people. Truman also helped design the Civil Aeronautics Act ofwhich laid the groundwork for the growth of the airline industry over the next four decades. Bess lived nearly another ten years before her death in at the age of President Truman moved back into the White House on March 27, Ferrell, a professor emeritus at Indiana Universitywas widely considered the preeminent authority on the history of the Truman administration.

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How to Draw the Life and Times of Harry S. Truman