The history and creation of the atomic bomb

The Manhattan Project Here is a month-by-month detailed account of the status of the atomic bomb leading up to the detonation of "Gadget" in the deserts of Alamogordo, New Mexico in July, When the crew member died and the full results of the contamination were made public by the U.

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Major design, recruiting, and construction problems existed, but the principal buildings were ready for installation of the first nuclear pile by February The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7,accelerated the development of an atomic bomb in the United States.

Aftermath The deadly impact of the atomic bomb was immediate, but the effects would last for decades.

who invented the atomic bomb

During the project, the U. It outlined both the potential uses of an atomic bomb and ways to help support American scientists in their research.

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Israel is widely believed to possess nuclear weapons, though has never officially confirmed or denied the existence of a nuclear weapons program.

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Atomic Bomb History