The effect of using electronic banking

Afolabi [ 21 ] noted improved customer satisfaction in his study findings but advised that people should be cautious of online and telephone transactions. The study was limited to a small sample size of 35 as opposed to a large sample size typical of a quatitative reseach. Shittu also stated that EB enabled electronic check processing, which reduced the number of clearing days and improve security.

Abor [ 11 ] also studied the impact of EB on Ghanaian banks by surveying bank employees. Steps should be taken to address cybercrimes. Fredrick also noted that the introduction of EB in Africa reduced operating costs for banks in terms of labor, rent, and back office paper work.

Literature Review Various studied were conducted in the areas of electronic banking EB and its impacts on the banking industry. Information technology has become a subject of fundamental importance to banks worldwide [ 6 ].

Banks use electronic devices such as computers for storing, analyzing, and distributing information.

positive impact of net banking

ATMs are the most popular electronic delivery channel for e-banking services. Consumers can check account balances and review other account information any time of the day or night. J Internet Bank Commer They noted that individuals with high income, high net worth, within certain age group would adopt some form of EB.

As argued by Astin and Long, a quantitative method does not enable a researcher to gain a comprehensive understanding of a phenomenon.

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The Effects of Online Banking