The advantages of drug legalization in the united states

When Honduran authorities spirited away alleged drug lord Juan Matta Ballesteros and had him extradited to the United States in April, Hondurans rioted in the streets and demonstrated for days at the U.

Conversely, if and when drugs are legalized, their price will collapse and so will the sundry drug-related motivations to commit crime. Deborah White is a journalist, activist, and blogger who writes about progressive politics.

why marijuanas should be legal article

These might include software developers, financing services, construction companies, and many others. If there are no laws in place that would prevent them from acquiring whatever drugs they wish to have, it could create more health problems for certain individuals — even with greater access to treatment.

The advantages of drug legalization in the united states

Alcohol and tobacco are legal, yet they are known to cause cancer, heart failure, liver damage, and more. According to Gallup, "the transformation in public attitudes about marijuana over the past half-century has mirrored the liberalization of public attitudes about gay rights and the same-sex-marriage movement.

For instance, restrictions could be placed on how much and to whom the newly legalized products are advertised.

Thus, any potential tax revenue gains from sales can be offset by economic losses related to lowered workforce productivity e. For noncitizens, including legal permanent residents — many of whom have been in the U.

In the case of states like California and Nevada where such infrastructure already exists, the economic impact has become more quantifiable as the sector has matured.

As marijuana becomes legal in more and more parts of the country, it's likely that the price will drop overall as a result of commoditization.

Facts on why we should not legalize marijuanas

That many things can kill is not a reason to prohibit them all--it is a reason to find out how to handle products to provide the desired action safely. Proponents of legalizing recreational marijuana say it will add billions to the economy, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, free up scarce police resources, and stop the huge racial disparities in marijuana enforcement. Practically anything can kill if used in certain ways. If we are concerned about the influence of organized crime on government, industry and our own personal safety, we could strike no single more damaging blow against today's gangsters than to legalize drugs. Even if they wanted to keep control over it, the gangsters could not have targeted every manufacturer and every beer store. CONs: Likely to substantially increase drug sales and consumption, as well as public health and safety harms in the population as more people use it. Addiction can be treated more like a disease instead of being treated like a legal problem. They rely on name-brand recognition to build market share, and on customer loyalty to maintain it. On any given night, there are at least , people behind bars in U. Law enforcement agencies don't want to be construed as supporting drug use. The U. At the end of the day, it is up to each community to decide if decriminalization is the right way to move forward. This is a pivotal moment. Customs Service, the police chiefs responding "blamed drugs for a fifth of the murders and rapes, a quarter car thefts, two-fifths of robberies and assaults and half the nation's burglaries and thefts.

New Frontier's report predicting the impact of federally legal marijuana suggests that nationwide legalization could generate 1. For heroin the factory-to-retail price differential is even greater. This sharps risk creates a disease and injury risk to anyone in the area, and especially children.

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Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana in the U.S