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In order for a nation to flourish, people need these things to utilize their talents. In the United States there are four basic types of policing.

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Active Themes The Indians were, arguably, culturally superior to the Europeans who conquered them over the course of the next five hundred years. Arn, Jackson. Tanner, Alexandra.

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Where were the Cherokee homelands and why did immigrants and others want those lands for themselves? Third, police role expectations may come from within the police organization. Las Casas further claimed that settlers in the New World tortured the natives, putting them to work in horrific mines.

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Citizen-police officer policing occurs when a common citizen makes an arrest for a felony. Tanner, Alexandra. Vigilantism is an example of citizen-police officer policing. Private police are individuals paid to serve a specific purpose. Third, police role expectations may come from within the police organization. Therefore, the police role may be seen differently by different groups in a society. The Pilgrims lived in an uneasy truce with the Indians, but they seemed to be waiting for an excuse to fight. The author starts by giving a summary on the history of the U. Having fared poorly in the United States, Papi has now sent for Mami to join him and hopefully double their income to fund the dream house. Active Themes Too many historians treat American history as a list of heroic, larger-than-life people: Columbus, the Founding Fathers, the presidents, etc. Copy to Clipboard. Describe the Aztec, Mayan and Inca Empires. Zinn admits that he might be idealizing the Native Americans—i. Copy to Clipboard. However, Zinn suggests that some idealization of the Native Americans is justified, not just because of the little we do know about pre-Columbian Native Americans, but because most history textbooks ignore Native American culture altogether.

Second, there are community expectations. Using the gold that explorers stole, European nation-states were able to finance a new form of society: in other words, the conquest of the New World paved the way for the growth of the industrialized world.

By the next century, the total Indian population in North America had fallen from around ten million to less than a million. Civil law addresses the interactions between individuals. Should policing be proactive or reactive?

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