Studying caste sysytem

Many kamaiyas were forcibly driven from their homes and dispossessed of all their belongings as a result of landlord retaliation. Moreover, we expect that this black sheep effect is mediated by high caste identity and not mediated by regional, religious or national identity.

On one hand, they are socially suppressed by the upper classes and, on the other hand, they suffer from poverty; the intensity of poverty seems to be higher in socially backward people.

While Pallas and Nalavas can work on upper-caste land for wages, Paraiyars are predominantly engaged in "unclean" sanitation work.

effects of caste system in india

In May in Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh, a police constable enraged by his daughter's marriage to a Dalit was joined by other relatives in shooting and killing four members of his son-in-law's family. Maybe not. Caste and Socio-Economic Disparities Significant economic and educational disparities persist between lower and higher-caste communities in the countries highlighted in this report.

The caste system was there in India before Aryans but Aryans made caste system clearer by enforcing this on everybody.

caste system pyramid

Earlier there were no such restrictions on taking food with others as people used to believe their origin was from one ancestor.

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No remedy is too small or trivial for the caste system