Speech on danger of deforestation

Wood Demand: Requirement of wood is rising for fuel, house construction and paper industry leading to loss of several million hectares of forest area. This just gives you an idea of how much deforestation takes place.

We all need to do all that we can to save the forests. Population growth is undeniably the major factor behind the increased deforestation level.

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As deforestation occurs, many forests are being wiped out and replaced with farmland. It was then on scientist started realizing that climate change, and deforestation was no longer a myth, but a potential and dangerous reality.

This has a serious adverse effect on our environment. Logging is usually done by a company and the company only cuts a certain amount of trees in an area. Few incidents of fires are minor whereas the maximum of them are huge.

Agricultural activities such as farming and livestock keeping also cause deforestation because of the land demand in those activities.

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Cutting plant is not bad however cutting it permanently is bad. Deforestation is a human act in which forests are permanently destroyed in order to create settlement area and use the trees for industries like paper manufacture, wood and construction.

There are two chief issues related to deforestation. Extreme weather conditions like storms, drought and floods.

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Essay on A Speech on Banning Deforestation