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I think my academic background helped me land some regular gigs with institutional writing, or trade publications. On top of that negative argument, I have a positive one. In the style of speed-dating, groups of conference-goers shuttled between eight IDRC experts to hear three-minute presentations about everything from using insects as the next sustainable source of animal feed to leveraging mobile technology to increase access to healthcare. This can be done through online writing groups, discussions on social media, science writing conferences, or regional meet-ups. Read good science writing. Although the research community has embraced its recommendations, the report is receiving little attention beyond research circles. MRI, optical. Big finds published in journals like Nature or Science are likely to be adequately covered, so pay attention to smaller publications.

A good way to be aware of these is to follow Twitter hashtags like pitchme or callforpitches. Discover more research in action. Whether you choose to write for free or not is up to you, but it remains a way in which many writers get their start.

Just by having a journalist at the helm, does not ensure an unbiased or unfettered leader. Nose around to see if they post submission guidelines, and follow them carefully.

As with the previous tip, you do not want to make bad impressions on editors.

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Sarah Boon, science writer Journalist Wudan Yan emphasized the importance of her science background. Alt-Ac Careers: Freelance Science Writer August 14, 7 minute read People in academia tend to divide into two camps—those who loathe writing and just want to be in the lab or field doing things and those who love getting their observations or experiments done so they can sit down and write about them.

One has weak legs to stand on when describing media journalists, as a group, of having a higher level of integrity than any other science writing group. One is writing for the general public, either online or in print.

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Lots of it. On top of that negative argument, I have a positive one.

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