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Unfortunately lack of water on earth has become a big problem for whole world nowadays. Thus we are focusing on save water save life and also save world. Apart from water used as drinking, it also has various uses such as washing, cooking, cleaning etc.

Seeing the scarce quantity of clean water available on earth and high dependency of species on water, it becomes extremely important for us that we save water to save lives.

Save water in hindi slogan

Turn off running taps at public places and immediately report leaks to the authority. As per the WHO report, 1 out of nine people and around millions still do not have access to safe water. If they are deprived of water then it becomes difficult for the species to survive even for a shorter duration. Essay on Save Water Save Life — Essay 6 Words Introduction As we all know that after Air, Water is the one of the most important resources for the existence of life on this planet. We can save it on every second of our life. To make life healthy and safe all living being require water. Install a low-flush toilet which uses less water. Thus we are focusing on save water save life and also save world. Use of bucket instead of taking shower will also do the needful regarding saving water. To Protect our natural eco-system from further damage and to escape the earth from situation of global warming we are highly require to conserve water and maintain its quality by not adding chemicals or garbage into it. Water is a very crucial substance which at the same time is scarce. Use drip irrigation instead of flood irrigation in agriculture. Forest trees can be planted either on government land or tree-based agriculture brought in on farm land. Ocean contain If we want to make a proper availability of fresh water to sustain life in future then we have to start saving water from today and include water saving habits in our daily routine then only we will be able to conserve water and maintain the supply of water in the areas which are deprived of fresh and clean water.

Not only for drinking water is essential for domestic use like washing, cleaning, moping, cooking and even for agriculture and industrial use including power plant. Government and NGO are spreading awareness about importance of water and how to save water in day to day life.

First we need to start from our daily routine life.

save water in hindi slogan

Apart from consumption, water is also an integral part of our daily life, ranging from bathing, cooking, washing, gardening to agriculture and industrial use, water plays an important role in our daily routine. Following are few methods which will help you to save water and utilize it in a better way: Turn off tap tightly when not using it i.

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Conclusion On earth water is a limitless natural resource which again forms by recycling but the fresh and potable water is our prime need which has to be saved for our secure healthy life. Other than drinking and household purposes, water is important for existence of our world. Thus we are focusing on save water save life and also save world. Pure water is the prime source of all necessities, which a living being want in manner to live a healthy life. Re-use the waste water of RO filters in washing or gardening purposes. Water makes up more than half of our body weight. Water is so important constituent for all living beings that if we still not find the solution for conserving it, survival on earth would be in danger. The water saved by you could be used in the areas which are deprived of water supply due to high demands. It is not possible to imagine life without water and if we want to save life then it is no doubt that we have to start it from saving water.
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Importance of Water in Hindi