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Taking note of the aesthetic and the norms of Baybayin, I propose the following amendments to the rules as a guide to modernize the old handwriting system.

It was not even fully capable of accurately representing Filipino words years ago. We are writing them in Filipino according on how we pronounce them.

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Aside from local language evolution, new discoveries, or inventions around the world have their own nomenclature and adapted or assimilated by the Filipinos in our daily life usage.

There is no distinction between these letters especially when we are writing the vowels with the consonants.

Thus, the last letter can be written and read also. The word kudlit means a small cut or incision, which is exactly what it was back in the days when Filipinos wrote on bamboo. There is no way to write syllable final consonants.

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So, in the example above, what we have written is meaningless. Well, like I said, the mythology is a collection of stories and tales. It can represent a single vowel V or a consonant and a vowel CV. However, there are some exemptions that will be discussed on the latter rules. All of the Baybayin scripts will be written as it is. If you liked to learn how to write using baybayin, there are downloadable fonts in the internet such as Tagalog Doctrine, but usually, using the baybayin fonts are not a hundred percent effective. Just follow the steps, or simply study the photo before because it has the complete way of using baybayin characters.

Bundok is written: Here are a few more examples: peak, riddle, ask Special Consonants The letters d and ng were not special to the ancient Filipinos but they deserve special attention here to avoid confusion.

It was shaped like a cross which should be no surprise and it was meant to be placed below a baybayin consonant letter in order to cancel its vowel sound.

Aside from knowing how to use the kudlits correctly, writing foreign words in baybayin is easier if you ignore the way they are spelled in the alphabet.

How the ancient Filipinos add the final consonants is unknown.

rules writing alibata translator

Numbers were spelled out the same as words. Examples of these are refrigerator, computer, jeep, and so on.

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The pre-Hispanic Filipino method of writing is on the right.

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Baybayin, How to Write the Ancient Script of the Philippines