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Nixon, P. When the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the big book of mental illnesses and their symptoms, was updated in for its third edition, the debate around Rosenhan's experiment likely motivated the authors to make the symptom descriptions used to define various conditions more stringent.

It can almost seem like you have to be at the end of your rope to get help sometimes.

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Related Papers. The Madman and the Doctor. Though presented with identical symptoms, seven were diagnosed with schizophrenia at public hospitals, and one with manic-depressive psychosisa more optimistic diagnosis with better clinical outcomes, at the private hospital.

The new version of the manual, published inpresented a more thorough list of symptoms for every mental illness and stated that, in order to diagnose a patient with a certain disorder, multiple symptoms had to be present as opposed to just one.

As one correspondent in Science protested: …The pseudopatients did not behave normally in the hospital. First there was the provocative title Rosenhan gave his essay.

Rosenhan to write: "At no time during any hospitalization had any question been raised about any pseudopatient's simulation.

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Rosenhan Experiment: When Fake Mental Patients Fooled Doctors