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Take-out financing allows banks to shed their loan portfolios after retaining them on their books for a few years.

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The take-out financing scheme has remained largely grounded with only 70 crore of funds disbursed so far. Licensing of insurance agents.

In this type of life insurance, the insured is provided with permanent financial protection. Based on secondary sources of data the present work highlights the role of LIC in the social sector development of our country. In comparison, women had a lower weightage in a life insurance market of Rs2. As of now there are 16 new life insurance companies of which only SBI Life Insurance is making profit. Now other financial institutions led by the IDBI have also become very important. All these trends have increased the competition both in life and non-life insurance business, which resulted in more choice for consumers. Bharathiraja, M. Causes of loss. Insurance regulatory and development authority investment regulations,

Besides, it has to invest in debentures of co-operative land development banks, and give loans to approved authorities like state governments and electricity boards for such social schemes as housing, water supply, electricity, etc. The summit was organized by SKOCH, a commercial strategy and management consultancy company spread in eleven countries.

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Certain women- specific problems such as some critical illnesses are covered only under this policy. Conceptual review of legal maxims in insurance sector: 1.

Significance of life insurance. It is a long term insurance plan where the policy holder needs to pay premiums annually. Sivaprakasam and S.

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Government plans big role for LIC in infrastructure financing