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Russia, realizing its weaker position vis-a-vis the United States, has been making noises as if it fully agreed with the U. The fluctuation of oil price has reached an unprecedented level, with the world crude oil price widely swinging per barrel over the months. Moreover, it has pointed out that there is a need for leaders to engage in effective governing strategies that will not only boost their countries economic status through resource utilization, but also enhance international relation between their countries and other states. The energy returned on energy invested in producing shale gas and tight oil from these formations is minimal. These factors, along with aging infrastructure for oil exploration and a retiring workforce are also contributing to high oil prices. Oil was discovered in Mexico at the beginning of the twentieth century, in Iran in , in Venezuela during World War I, and in Iraq in The Libyan rebel leadership seems to have assured Washington that a post-Qaddafi Libya will be a safe place for the big oil companies to rake in profits. The vast Iraqi oil reserves still remain untapped.

It was also intended to democratize the state that had suffered from oppression and dictatorship, which had adversely affected its international ties with other countries.

In her view, the harvesting and burning of fossil fuels can be accomplished with few incidental environmental problems, and fossil fuel companies can be trusted to use the safest methods available.

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Up until the s, the United States produced between 60 and 70 percent of the world's oil supply. She sees coal, oil, and natural gas as gifts of nature to be used by humanity to produce as much wealth as possible, as quickly as possible.

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This organization would become the most vital force in the petroleum market, crucial in production and price determination. Remember bin Laden's repeated statements about the intolerable U. Politician A has for many years sided with big business, and specifically with the fossil fuel industry in all energy disputes. However, politics and cultural bias can and do muddy the process and results of scientific research. She points out that these Arab countries saw the potential of rising oil prices as a political incentive that would enable them to attack western countries, such as the United States, whom they felt to oppress their liberties. Documents of the U. This has compelled oil exporting nations to develop good relations with the oil producing countries. Oil imperialism rests on our continued dependence on oil, which not only threatens the future of humanity through prolonged and bloody conflict, but through another even more insidious threat--climate change and ecological collapse.

While US oil and gas production rates have temporarily spiked, all signs indicate that this will be a brief boom that will not change the overall situation significantly: society is reaching the point of diminishing returns with regard to the economic benefits of fossil fuel extraction.

The math has changed. It seemed imperative that the United States secure access to foreign oil reserves.

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A Primer on the Geopolitics of Oil