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Mostly, I write in a sort of way—I think this, you think that, go to hell, you're wrong. We have learned that Pink wrote the song to attack George W.

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He had the chance to change society or have a positive influence on it, but he failed to do so. Edit Prior to the album's release, P! It was sung in an innocent way. We got together with them and did the song.

President" live for the first time on Jimmy Kimmel Live! President,' which cleverly uses George W. But then it all made sense.

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President, come take a walk with me. Critical reception Edit The song received mostly positive reviews from music critics. When you're in the studio with her and you hear her sing with no band and no effects—there's nothing else going on except for her voice—it's just quite amazing. It was written on Martin Luther King Day in , but released for the first time in But then it all made sense. In , P! President, Were you a lonely boy? The first time I heard it, I was really impressed by it because the song is very critical and provoking, but the music is in a slow way and creates a very reflective and melancholic atmosphere which makes it a very touching song for me. We have learned that Pink wrote the song to attack George W. He had an excessive youth but is living a life as a good boy now, trying to do and make everything better. Bush's own words against him, pales next to M! She's just really a really great person and such a great artist. It was a big surprise.
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Dear Mr. President