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The elderly people must make an effort to instil the feeling of patriotism in their children. Bahadur Shah Zafar, Tatya tope were some of the names who played a pivotal role in the Revolt of Irrespective of the caste, religion, community and sex of the individual the laws for all the citizens are the same.

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Patriots are loyal to their motherland. However, some people take this love for their country to the next level. Every country has many patriots who sacrifice their self and put their country above everything. It was through such great acts of courage and valor by our freedom fighters that patriotism was kept alive among Indian masses. She has the right to reclaim It is to unconditionally support and respect the nation. The person works with full dedication and wholeheartedly for the welfare of the motherland. Indian army men are the best examples of true patriots. She fought a historical fight with unparallel patriotism against the British occupancy of Jhansi state.

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made! Every country needs a group of people who keep the nation above and beyond their self-interest work on building up their country.

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We must not indulge in unlawful acts such as cheating on customers, paying less tax, seeking bribe, exploiting the vulnerable, adding more water to the milk and other corrupt practices. It is to never let go of the unity in diversity and to dutifully stand in the face of any kind of tyranny. It has a lot of trees, plants and forests. Indians are said to be the second smartest in the world because of their intelligent thinking. However, some people take this love for their country to the next level. The strong hope and faith in the potential of the people makes me feel proud about her. They are well educated and independently vote for their ideal leaders. Similarly, if the government officials and other citizens of the country are determined towards serving the nation rather than making quick money or getting quick services for themselves, the level of corruption will fall. There are many patriots who selflessly serve the nation and do not hesitate to sacrifice their comfort and happiness for their motherland. The British Authorities secretly cremated their bodies under the cover of darkness and threw their ashes in Sutlej River.

So I conclude that India is a very incredible and mystical — yet to be discovered. She has the right to reclaim He participated in various freedom struggles and began a revolution.

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Indian freedom fighters were filled with the feeling of patriotism. Such an atmosphere must be created in general and not just around these special dates.

Patriotic essay on india

Patriots work for the betterment of their country and welfare of their fellow beings. Love for the country is the feeling that naturally develops like the love for family. We should stop complaining about the flaws of our government and instead work for the growth and development of the country. They believe in themselves and own up the responsibility towards nation. I like our Indian festivals and feel proud to say that India celebrates numerous festivals. When the British left India they left some of their lifestyle to us. They are often made to run from pillar to post to receive the benefits the government owes them. Hindi and food are the main connecting bonds between people all over India. I am an Indian. People were more worried that the lives of the hostages should be saved. The revolt was marked with people from all the parts of India forgetting their culture and ethnic lineage and fighting for a free Nation against the suppressive rule of British Empire.

They represent our rich cultural heritage and help promote unity among all religions. A patriot feels selflessly for his country.

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The youth of India is constantly active on social media and raises voice on various social issues like depression, suicides, trolling and other such evils that harm the people of our society. One who is ready to actively support his country and is ready to do anything for it is a patriot.

A nation where the youth loves the country and is driven towards improving its condition socially and economically would certainly grow better.

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