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They made us crippled economically, politically and culturally.

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So we had no other alternative than to stand upright for the cause of our existence. TV and radio stations broadcast special programs and patriotic songs. As an independent country, we also have a national flag, which was designed by the late Kamrul Hassan, one of the reputed artists of the country. On some special days which are regarded as important for our nation, the national flag is kept half-mast. On the 26th of March, Bangladesh's independence from Pakistan was declared by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the nine month long bloody liberation war was commenced. Special foods are supplied in hospitals and prisons. The war continued for long nine months. It is a day of great thrill. It is achieved through the incomparable sacrifice of life of lives of our heroic sons.

We half-mast the flag in every national and international mourning day. Sports and games are held throughout the country. Bangladesh is a country of solemnity and unity. Bangladeshi peoples are really passionate about the loving country, and they proved it again and again.

So, it is our duty to preserve its honor. The size of our national flag is conspicuous and significant.

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On the occasion of Independence Day the whole country wears festive colors. It is a symbol of independence and sovereignty of every respected country. Essay writing competitions stressing on the significance of the day are held.

So we had no other alternative than to stand upright for the cause of our existence. At last, the war of liberation was waged on the midnight of March 25 Speak the truth, we were treated just life the inanimate objects of the earth. The standard ratio of its length and width there is a red circle in the middle of the green flag.

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