Organisational structure of british airways essay

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When unexpected major problems occur, management need to be quick to respond and exercise flexibility in resolving the issues. Organisation structure: The organisational structure of a company reflects its culture, its management style and its leader attitude in addition to the environment in which it has to operate. Middle management, which is key to the implementation of any strategy and the outcome of cultural change, is still ruled by separate functions and at the top all the weight still goes on the individualist functions of high finance and take-over. Employees well being should constantly be examined and improved in the organisation. However, the move to Terminal 5 saw a step-change in its operational performance and it achieved record-breaking punctuality and customer recommendation scores. The Company also improve their performance in ground as well. Organisation culture and growth of strategy Despite reduction in economic, British Airways have continued to become larger or grater where it makes economic main idea and meet the needs of their customers. There are several organizational structures offered to companies to respond to their needs such as the tall structure, the flat one or the functional organization. As the cabin crews and the Unite union are in the position of power, it is more likely that negotiation and agreement should be applied. They are the largest airline in the UK and have the largest amount of international flights and destinations.

There is still some job to be done. Employees are prohibited from taking or directing to a third party a business opportunity that is discovered through the use of corporate property, information or position, unless the Company has already been offered the opportunity and turned it down.

The latest pattern of British Airways organizational structure before Alex Cruz took over as the new CEO from Keith Williams in April as illustrated in Figure 2 below: Figure 2 British Airways organizational structure It can be argued that British Airways organizational structure may be subjected to certain changes in the foreseeable future to reflect strategic changes to be introduced by the new CEO Alex Cruz.

Organisational structure of british airways essay

Mullins The company should also put more investment in the latest technology in its marketing ventures. It is against Company policy for any employee, officer or director, who may have inside or unpublished knowledge about any of its customers or any other company, to purchase or sell the securities of those companies. In general, group cohesiveness is hard to achieve when a group exceeds members. However, tasks at team level require higher level of coordination, control and trust. Environmental change and competitive position Climate change is an issue of importance as a airline company and they have long-term commitment to address it. As in the case of British Airway, they use strategic human resource management to achieve organizational goal and success.

It now has small ad hoc groups working in parallel with the formal structure, with responsibilities that cut across different functions, or in some case duplicated these functions.

Further explanations are made as follow.

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Build on our leading position in London Meet our customers' needs and improve margins through new revenue streams The suitability of the change approach is based upon the situation that an organisation is facing. Huge amount of time and money will have to be spent on devising contingency plans to resolve the issues. It is clear from research that those companies with clear and open commitment to behave responsibly and to manage their environmental impact have a far greater chance of building a trusted relationship with their customer. It also includes an assessment of the significant estimates and judgements made by the directors in the preparation of the financial statements, and of whether the accounting systems are adopt to the Group and the company situation, consistently applied and sufficiently disclosed. All organizations have to make provision for continuing activities to further their overall aims and ensure that tasks are allocated, work supervised and activities co-ordinate. The departmentalization consists in group the common resources to exploit them at best whereas the amplitude of control determines the degree of authority which exercises an immediate superior in front of his subordinate. In a matrix structure, people work crosswise over groups and undertakings and in addition inside their own particular division or capacity.

Most of the countries they have their branch and fly most of the countries of the world. Unlike theory Y which encourages participative communication, Willie Walsh cultivates a downward direction communication flow from manager to subordinates Barnett It maintains a strong and effective internal control environment in global which the company continues to review its control framework to ensure.

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