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Ensuite This is also a helpful transition word for giving directions or telling a story.

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En outre Also is one of the most commonly used words in modern English, popping up across written and verbal language. Bref Similarly to donc, you might enjoy using the word bref. Make sure you have reused every point identified in part 1. Another way to say as soon as, albeit longer, is aussitot que. Can you tell this is my favorite French transition word? For another idea on expressing your opinion, try saying selon moi — which has a tendency to roll off the tongue with ease. Enfin Enfin is a multi-purpose word with many meanings, depending on the context in which it is used.

On the other hand, you always could take the opportunity to learn about this ultra-useful and fun French staple. Check the requirements specific to your exam Tip: when you practice at home, count how many words in average you fit on a line.

A journalist?

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Pour commencer Now that you know how to express the concept of ending something, how about touting the start of something? FluentU brings real-world French content like music videos, commercials and news broadcasts into reach with personalized learning tools.

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Pour commencer means to start with or for starters and is best used at the beginning or end of a sentence. Cherish it.

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30 Useful French Essay Phrases