Impacts of working condition on productivity

The individual moves up to the next level.

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Herzberg's research proved that people will strive to achieve 'hygiene' needs because they are unhappy without them, but once satisfied the effect soon wears off - satisfaction is temporary. Modern employees' motivation management methods have evolved over time which discredited Taylor's" differential piece rate work" and Gantt's "task and bonus wage" systems.

The discussion also identifies gaps left by other researchers of similar studies. One particular area of HRM policies that have been linked to productivity is relationships with supervisors. This review provides an introduction to some of the leading academic literature and ideas that are important for understanding the persistence of poor labor practices and possible policies to address these conditions.

The study is expected to provide knowledge and measures to improve the working environment of employees for better productivity in public institution specifically at the Shree Baidyanath Ayurveda Bhawan Pvt. Music Music might not be suitable for all workplaces, but, as mentioned earlier, its ability to motivate and energise staff should not be dismissed.

Impact of workplace environment on health workers

Based on this logic, employee satisfaction is believed to influence the development of routine patterns of interaction within organizations. Analysis of random OSH inspections of California firms found that inspected firms subsequently experienced significant reductions in costs associated with accidents and injuries with no reduction in the size of the workforce. Shaw attributes the growth in United States US productivity in the s to HRM polices although acknowledging measurement problems , and Lazear and Shaw describe how firms can optimally design their HRM policies to increase productivity by describing specific policies that have been linked to productivity growth. This is the Pvt. The theory focuses on three things efforts and performance relationship, performance and reward relationship, rewards and personal goal relationship Salaman et al, This report uses a broad definition of working conditions and draws upon factory-level reports for examples and illustrations of broader points in the literature. Therefore, as an experience leader, the supervisors had always being involved in conducting a training program.

This can make us depressed and weaken our immune systems, which will obviously negatively affect the ability to carry out work effectively. Further, Amir mentions elements that related to the working environment.

Impacts of working condition on productivity

These conditions result in poor conditions generally not just in factories that include malnutrition, infant mortality, low education levels, and other poverty-related problems. THEORY X considers individuals who dislike work and avoid it where possible, individuals who lack ambition dislike responsibility and prefer to be led, and individuals who desire security. Physical Work Environment Physical working environment can result a person to fit or misfit to the environment of the workplace. The protection of employee job security is an important aspect of occupational health and safety regulation enforcement. As these economies became richer, their apparel production shifted toward lower-wage economies and apparel production has more recently been led by the PRC, Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. Workplace safety is the practice of an employer using preventative measures to prevent hazards to the employees' health and personal safety. I thank God Almighty for showering his perennial blessing on me for giving me the courage to pursue this project work successfully. The factors are such as physical work environment, equipment, meaningful work, productivity expectation, and feedback on productivity, reward for good or bad system, standard operating procedures, knowledge, skills and attitudes. Taylor opined that the most important motivator of workers is salary and wages when he said that "non-incentive wage system encourages low productivity". Expectancy theory says that an employee can be motivated to perform better when there is a belief that the better productivity will lead to good productivity appraisal and shall result into realization of personal goal in form of some reward future events. The management implications for Theory X workers are that, to achieve organizational objectives, rewards of varying kinds are likely to be the most popular motivator. Workers productivity cannot be optimal, if the conditions of work environment are not favorable.

This is a basis to attain maximum productivity. Studies show that workplace relationships directly affect a worker's ability to succeed.

Negative work environment effects

In order to gain the employees productivity, both party in between the employees and supervisor needs to play their part which is to commit with the relationship. Principle here is the human-to-human interaction through providing individualized support and encouragement to each and every employee Salaman et al, This is the Pvt. Economists often assume that factory managers are making decisions with the goal of optimizing some objective, which is usually maximizing profits. Social needs recognize that most people want to belong to a group. Most people spend fifty percent of their lives within indoor environments, which greatly influence their mental status, actions, abilities and productivity Dorgan, Chapter one will deal with introduction, statement of research problem, research objectives and significance of the study. His premise is that only unsatisfied need can influence behavior; a satisfied need is not a motivator Ramlall, The Apparel Sector Just as factory practices vary with development status, so does the propensity to export apparel.

This resulted to enough offices for employees to do their work effectively, silence which cause comfort depending on the task they are given and the environment of the place they are working.

There are many different types of safe practices included in workplace safety. Adequate Workload Adequate workload distribution which is crafted to enable the employees to achieve optimal productivity and productivity levels.

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What impact does the working environment have on productivity?