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Logging for when it all goes wrong Although not possible within your. But if you have a lot of traffic, and a lot of directives, the performance lag can really add up. Unfortunately, many shared hosting providers do not allow customers to access the httpd. How can URL rewriting help your search rankings? Moreover, there are some big reasons you should definitely not want people to see your. If you want your web server to parse CGI scripts no matter where they are found in your directory structure, just add the following to your. To restrict access you need to add the following to the. Why would you want to do this? By the way, it perhaps doesn't go without saying that if you want to disable rewriting inside a particular subfolder, where it is enabled further up the tree, simply do: handy for avatar folders, to allow hot-linking, etc.. All the examples in this section will use the redirect. Rewrite rules, directory settings, security — all of the things that you use. In many cases, the result will be a generic directory listing of all the files in the directory. And some websites encourage it in one form or another. It, too, should be relevant, appropriate, professional, memorable, easy to spell and readable. When Not to Use.

If you want to restrict access to a specific user or few users, you can name them. When this is available, it is usually best to accomplish these tasks from inside the application, rather then editing the.

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The feature was developed when web sites were usually a collection of HTML documents and related resources. Troubleshooting Messing around with your. Anyway, put this somewhere at the foot of your http. Just make sure to adjust the actual path to the file so the. For our example, we want to make sure that article. Your saved archive needs to be restorable. Replace it with AllowOverride All. But in theory, this is what URL rewriting provides: a complete separation. If not, why not? We can match the article URLs and rewrite them to use article. Why use. The white screen of death One of the most frustrating things when working with rewrite rules is that when you make a mistake it can result in the server returning an HTTP Internal Server Error.

For example, if you use index. As with any RewriteCond, you can get pretty complex, checking multiple cookies, utilizing regexp and more, but that's enough to get you started.

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This is especially the case if you run a site where people might be specifically sharing a lot of files, for example a file sharing site, a project management application where many files will often be attached to projector a web app that handles email.

So, only horses. Backup your file before each thing Along with doing only one thing at a time, you should save your file between each thing you are trying. To create a new.

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This is probably not the behavior you want. This provides a double-penalty when compared to custom VPS configurations because shared hosting is also generally low-powered. This is good because it does not destroy any bookmarks saved on users computers. The relative URL is relative to the directory containing the. Now your old RewriteLog directives will bring the server down.. Unfortunately, some users still automatically type www. The last line is the actual rewrite rule. The best one is probably the htpasswd generator at Aspirine. The command for dealing with the. Troubleshooting Messing around with your. If not, why not? To enable that, simply add: DirectoryIndex index. In many cases, the result will be a generic directory listing of all the files in the directory. The square brackets basically tell the server to match from the selection of characters within them. There are many.
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.htaccess tricks and tips.. part two: url rewriting with mod rewrite.