How to becme a student

All you have done is solve one particular problem; that does not mean you have necessarily learned how to solve all such problems such as the ones to appear on your exams.

how to become a good student paragraph

Manage your time. Supplying you own opinions may sound good in theory, but it has the risk of running counter to the opinions of the instructor or grader. Observe how the problems are weighted, and direct your efforts to where you believe you can pick up points most easily.

Self-Discipline Made Easy Human beings are creatures of habit. Remember, the instructor only has a limited amount of time to test what you know and can do.

how to become an excellent student

Bring a calculator even if it's not suggested. Write lists each day to help you prioritize your work efforts. Ideally, you will have a notebook for each class so that you have a place to put items for each course you are taking.

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Be both athlete and coach: Keep one eye on what you are doing, and one eye on yourself. Give yourself a pep-talk to this effect prior to each exam.

Learn the instructor.

How to becme a student

The first mentality may rely too heavily on already-mastered skills; but, the second mentality may fail to carefully apply those same skills. Forget pulling "all-nighters". Other people who seem to have less difficulty with self-discipline probably have simply had more practice at it, thereby making it less difficult; because, practice is what it takes. Bring a calculator even if it's not suggested. Review the projects, assignments and tests coming up in all of your classes. Write lists each day to help you prioritize your work efforts. Give yourself a pep-talk to this effect prior to each exam. Actually doing what needs to be done.

Good time-management requires: Note taking on more than you can handle. Then, if you get tired, frustrated, or bored working on one item, you can easily move onto something else, thereby staying productive as well as giving pending problems a chance to work themselves out subconsciously.

10 ways to be a great student

As with homework, and even more importantly, neatness counts. Summarize or outline the course or text material in your own words. At the other end, even with linear grading, there are diminishing returns in terms of points-per-effort in trying to squeeze every last point out of a given problem; if time is low, it may be better to move on. Just be determined to be "on" for the duration of the exam. Notice what works for them and consider incorporating those methods into yourself. Do all of the homework and assigned reading. This means skipping some social occasions when you need to study or missing a few episodes of your favorite television show. Do precisely what is requested. Schedule time each day for studying and homework completion. For example, unless explicitly required, do not rewrite the exam problems on your paper.

Always attend class.

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How to Become a Better Student