How to be a responsible pet owner

Example: If you have a dog, chaining it in the backyard when you live in bear or wolf country is NOT advisable.

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Well, not too many people would actually take the time to look up on the internet how they can take better care of their animal friends. Leashes keep our dogs safely with us.

How to be a responsible cat owner

Keeping only the type and number of pets for which you can provide an appropriate and safe environment. Socialization and appropriate training for your pet s to facilitate their well-being and the well-being of other animals and people. Emergencies can happen at any time. This also includes not placing the pet in situations which may cause it harm. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to do the thinking for your pet — and yes, even when it gives you the hard-to-resist puppy-dog eyes! Meeting new people and other pets improves the confidence of your pet. Lifestyle and situation Working long hours, being away often and having a busy social life can be a recipe for a very unhappy pet, which can result in a poorly behaved pet. This means taking care of not just the physical needs but also making sure that the pet gets proper social interaction, play time, and yes, even some learning! Related Posts. Well, guess what, you ARE a pet parent. At the very least, you would know how your pet is doing by consulting a vet. Recognize any decline in your pet's quality of life and make timely decisions in consultation with a veterinarian. Feed him properly.

It is important to make sure you can afford to look after your pet properly for the life of your pet. Make sure these are kept in secure locations so your pet cannot get into them.

Responsible pet ownership definition

You can do this by taking a walk around the block, playing fetch in the yard, petting or simply talking to your dog. Additional Resources:. You bet there are and we have you covered! Example: If you have a dog, chaining it in the backyard when you live in bear or wolf country is NOT advisable. ALSO : Read the best advice for dog adoption from rescues and shelters But wait, how can we say that? If you know that eating too much of a certain food may cause health problems, then stop yourself from giving the pet that food no matter how much it begs. Ask your vet what type of food and how much is right for you pet. Pets are not accessories that can be thrown aside and forgotten. Emergencies can happen at any time.

Do it. In the end, what your pet needs is a loving pet parent who would be his or her advocate in every way, especially when it comes to health.

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Emergencies can happen at any time. Before you get your pet do your research to find the pet that is suited to your home, your family and your lifestyle. Socialize your pet.

10 responsibilities of a pet owner

Remember, dogs are stoic.

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