How information technology can be used to develop bangladesh agriculture

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Farmers do not receive necessary assistance to develop crops. Over a period of several weeks, each field is plowed 3 or 4 times with a wooden plow and two oxen. Information and communication technology ICT is increasingly being recognized as a powerful enabler for economic and social development.

How information technology can be used to develop bangladesh agriculture

The role of technology in the economic development of Bangladesh is like a guardian angel. But again in the agriculture, Bangladesh is now using many technologies for fast growing of products. So these are the most remarkable and common section of Bangladesh which has the access of modern technology and that is very important for the economic development. Regular follow up of news about the harmful effects of technology should also be ensured by the government. It can be used to improve farm management and farming technologies by efficient farm management, risk management, effective information or knowledge transfer etc. Related Papers. Unavailability of modern technology service center in all over the counter that is also serious barrier in ICT in agriculture. Food grains in Bangladesh are cultivated primarily for subsistence. So Bangladesh is now very much aware about using technology for environmental security. All these technologies raise awareness and enlighten the knowledge about the international market that helps the economy of Bangladesh to swell in International level. Bangladesh has now many example of using technology for the energy resources. Here I am going to elaborate different sectors of the economy of Bangladesh which are under the use of technology: i Use of Technology in Agriculture: The farmers of Bangladesh are now working with different technologies they are also accessing internet to know about: the fertilizers, water pumps, tractors, harvest, and also about different other ingredients of agricultural growth.

They are now also using the fast transport system for the promotion of their products that helps the economy. ICT can advance economic growth, enhance social inclusion, increase health and education services and improve governance at all levels.

Similarly technology has also blessing and curse towards the human life. It generates The agricultural year begins in late February, when the weather is dryer and warmer.

In the context of agriculture, the potential of information technology IT can be assessed broadly under two heads : a as a tool for direct contribution to agricultural productivity and b as an indirect tool for empowering farmers to take informed and quality decisions which will have positive impact on the way agriculture and allied activities are conducted.

This is an excellent example of a country moving forward with nuclear energy. Research Question Through this research I will try to establish a positive relation between agriculture and information technology IT ; how IT can be used and the benefits that can be attained for agriculture.

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Pairing Agriculture with Technology in Bangladesh