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Construction of the Great Wall began in BC.

how long is the great wall of china

It was a total economic slump that began in North America in It is about 25 feet high and is feet wide. It occurred between the years and This resulted in a financial crisis worldwide.

Did the benefits of building the Great Wall of Ancient China outweigh the costs?

how tall is the great wall of china

As consumer spending and investment dropped, the unemployment levels dropped dramatically In actuality, The Depression began because of many inept government and banking systems; these systems led to a complete and total collapse in the world and market trade.

The Great Wall itself, with a history lasting over years, measures approximately 5, miles in length, although some of the sections lie in ruin or have disappeared altogether.

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Tens of thousands of workers died from exhaustion, hunger, and extreme weather.

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The Great Wall of China: did the benefits outweigh the costs?