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The main age group that joins these gangs are teenagers and pre-teens.

Why is gang violence important

As we open the doors of a crime ridden society, the truth begins to unfold. In this paper it will be explaining, the most dangerous gangs, and interview and most importantly how to stop gang violence to make a better place for our future. There are roughly 24, youth gangs. Of those one million violent crimes, an average of forty eight percent of them have been associated with gangs or individual gang members. The term gang is broad because it groups together street gangs, motorcycle gangs, prison gangs, and other large organized groups that commit crimes. Duncan are two Deputy Chiefs. Chicago police Commander Donald Hilbring states, "Gangs are everywhere. According to, The National Gang Center, there is no clear way to define a gang, but one thing that characterizes a gang is a shared identity usually linked to a name or symbol. Most gang members join because they have been abused by their parents or because they don 't have a family. The way some of the laws enabled police officers to treat gang members and the hostile level violated some of their rights. The lives of children are greatly influenced by the environment they grow up in, and the people they come in contact with.

They appeared after the revolutionary war as questionable street gangs. It means that Smiley is a product of his environment.

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Youth involvement iv. One might be upset with the new paint color of their neighbor 's house. The homeland of MS is in El Salvador. El Salvador is the most highly gang populated country in Central America. These gangs are present all over the nation and are starting to spread to other countries. Chicago police Commander Donald Hilbring states, "Gangs are everywhere. Taking drugs at any age can lead to addiction, research shows that in earlier stages a p People who are in gang feel like they belong some where and people care about them. No parent would like to imagine their kids dealing with weapons or being threatened by them. Since gang violence does occur in the low-income communities then the children are more likely to fall victim to gang violence activities just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time More teens are succumbing to violence every year, as the aggressor or the victim. Duncan who has an Order of Merit. And the consequences gained both metal, and practical. There are more than active gangs in the City of Los Angeles.

Abstract In recent times, public officials, community groups and activists have expressed their concern over the growth of violence perpetrated by youth gangs. Gangs destroy teenager lives and destroy their chances for a good education and happy life.

In all fifty of the United States, more types and groups of gangs are committing more crimes and illegal activity.

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Brotherhood is a way of life; it is the very essence that allows a gang to thrive in the metropolis of violence. The Ending Gang and Youth Violence policy initiative is aimed at analysing problems with gangs and find intervention to tackle crime connected to young people.

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Love, Dennis 2. To give other teenagers a sense of where they live or reside and to show how much character they have, teens stay out longer and later to give other teens that sense of doing what they desire Various amounts of teenagers cannot be confidential to act with such autonomy and accountability. Violence is always involved with gangs, but with the addition of drugs, the violence can intensify to a level where nothing can be done. Not only do they put their lives in danger every day, but also help the community in more ways than one. There are persistent patterns in the delinquency rate The life of a youth and their family can be altered by just one simple decision to join a gang, put many people in danger of being hurt, however there are still many workable solutions to put these youths back on track. Regardless of these arguments, many often fear gangs as history and the media portray the violence and chaos brought by these groups when they are in their territories or fighting rival organizations. There are the many types of gangs in the world, but the most popular gang are the Mara Salvatrucha gang and the Latin Kings gang.

The most infamous and severe form of teen violence are the school shootings seen on the news The way some of the laws enabled police officers to treat gang members and the hostile level violated some of their rights. Whenever the government gets close to cracking down on the gangs, an issue involving civil liberties arises and prevents the laws to be passed.

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Youths are forced to go along with the engagements taken place in the gang which can be cataclysmic to society and themselves. His neighborhood is a no picnic.

Gang violence thesis
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