Four west european explores that traveled

The importance of trade made it so that traders and merchants, not the feudal landowners, were the most powerful class in society.

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Dias died during this expedition; he was lost at sea near the Cape of Good Hope in Louis, Missouri, to the Oregon coast Fort Clatsopand back again. For more information on Kino, click here.

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La Salle named the entire Mississippi basin Louisiana, in honor of the King, and claimed it for France on April 9, In they reached Vinland perhaps the southern tip of Newfoundlandwhere remains of an ancient Norse settlement have been found.

They connected the Christianization of the world with the second coming of Christ.

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Barentsz reached Novaya Zemlya on July Other voyages followed, to Japan in and and to Palembang in the south of Sumatra inwhere he made a friendly trading treaty with the Sultan.

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European Explorers