Finance capstone project

financial analysis course

On the other hand, the corporate gets credit for a duration equaling the tenor of the loan, enabling smoother liquidity management. It will show that what you are talking about actually exists.

intro finance course

This project gives students an opportunity to show their skills in each stage of the process. SME Loans SME finance is the funding of small and medium sized enterprises, and represents a major function of the general business finance market in which capital for different types of firms are supplied, acquired, and priced.

Commercial paper; 3. Structured finance involves assembling unique credit configurations to meet the complex fund requirements of large industrial and infrastructure projects.

Deferred Coupon Bonds Bonds in which the interest payment is postponed to some date prior to maturity ; 7. You can collaborate with a company.


Using knowledge of previous coursework, students will develop their analytical cognition to determine strategies to increase value creation. Financial Lease is a means of financing capital equipments.

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5 Capstone Projects for Master's of Finance Students