Explain the characteristics of assessment for learning

Teachers may feel that they do not have time to do activities that do not seem directly linked to final examination grades.

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What might you have done differently? The coverage of the test must include information that was gathered and analyzed by the students. Summative Assessment Mainly about accountability. For these reasons, content validity is central to a high quality educational assessment.

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Related Posts. With an AFL approach, teachers give learners task-specific feedback that focuses on the work rather than ego-specific feedback that focuses on personal qualities of the learner.

If it is a formative type of assessment, then the results must be utilized to improve the teaching and learning process. Examples of factors that a learner might feel able to control include how much effort they make and how interested they are in the subject. Summarise the difference between formative and summative assessment.

The feedback any of us receive about our performance sticks with us, criticism often lasts a life time in our minds. Experts in both content and assessment design items to measure the concepts and skills in the standards at the indicated levels of cognitive complexity.

In the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts on what qualities you think a good educational assessment should have by dropping a comment below.

characteristics of assessment pdf
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Getting started with Assessment for Learning