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The other came to be seen not as a person to love, but as a thing to use for one's selfish gratification. Little did he know that just a few months after making the above statement, he would bring his gifts to bear on the world stage as Pope John Paul II.

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The roots of liberation theology can be traced back to Europe because Catholic priests were sent there to go to school. Christ's humanity included both the material and immaterial aspects of the human body he was flesh but at the same time he was also Soul and Spirit. Experience confirms the Pope's observation, and history tells the tale of sin's effect on man and woman's relationship "Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you" — Gen Experiencing this redemption is the call of every man and woman, married or unmarried. Our model in doing so is "the woman" whose fiat finds fulfillment at the foot of the cross: "Let it be done unto me according to your word. The serpent tempts them to believe that God is withholding himself from them — "For God knows that when you eat of [the tree of the knowledge of good and evil] In coming to understand our own experience, then — subjective as it is — we come to understand something of God because we are images of God. Christ, the New Adam, paves the way by reliving the same experiences of the first Adam. If we can speak the truth with our bodies, we can also speak lies. John Paul's entire catechesis on the body could simply be considered a commentary on this passage from Vatican II. God's intention for original man is the norm for marriage. Even the most devoted of spouses must face the reality of mixed motives and imperfect desires. Emphasizing the theme of love as self-gift, they counteract societal trends which view the body as an object of pleasure or as a machine for manipulation. In a clarion call for husbands to uphold the dignity of their wives, John Paul stated that a man can commit adultery "in his heart" even with his own wife if he treats her only as an object to satisfy concupiscence cf. Central to the Christian mystery, however, is the stunning belief in the embodiment of God, the Incarnation.

This is a beautiful and profound truth, but we need to be careful not to misunderstand what is being said. Nakedness revealed: "We can give ourselves our bodies to each other and live in a life-giving communion of persons" i.

Somehow the human body makes this eternal mystery of love visible. His reflections are based on Scripture and contain a vision of the human person truly worthy of man. Key pre-papal writings on these topics include Love and ResponsibilityThe Acting Person, and various papers collected in Person and Community.

Our redemption is won! Do you promise to receive children lovingly form God? Through the nuptial meaning of their bodies, the first man and woman experienced Love. The pure man sees the revelation of the mystery of God in his sexuality, despite the endless ways man warps it.

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Theology of the Body Essay