Essay comparing education system

Some of these similarities ranges from the systems of education that exist in the three continents, that is education is divided into different stages of primary school, secondary school and the university which is the highest level of education across the three continents.

In this task I analyse and compare the structure of the health education systems in Finland, Norway and Ethiopia.

education system in different countries essay

After I came to the US, I realize that there are some differences between America and my home country in terms of the education system.

When the government does not get the results that, they want many schools privatized or close and teachers lose their jobs. The performance of the education system is an issue that causes much controversy in society. However due to the current reforms taking place in most part of Europe whereby privatization of the public institutions is taking place European Commission, October Table of contents 1.

Schools differ in competitiveness and reputation. They make an effort to get on a personal level with the students, whereas U. Chinese medicine has been molded by numerous western initiatives from the missionary in the 19 century.

In such countries, the educational differences in matters like the access of education by the poor and the rich and regions like those living in rural areas and those in urban areas is big.

Essay comparing education system

Now this concept explains how Chinese and U. Type of paper: Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. In this paper we address the question of why forms of business responsibility for society both differ among countries and change within them. Education funding In the United States education is mostly provided the public sector is the government which controls all the funding that that goes to education being controlled by the government Ken, In Europe the system of higher education is the same as that of the USA, with the PhD being the highest degree that can be awarded Keeling, We will write it for you from scratch! Canada has a good level of education their teachers have a higher educative standards. S is not doing an excellent work but at least the thing works in some ways. In addition, I think that we can learn and share some ways to teach with other countries and create a significant change in our schools. Kathy explains the school systems in china work differently due to the fact that America has the idea that children are born with a set I. In an effort to keep up with the times, many school systems throughout the world practice bilingual education, or teaching two languages simultaneously Other Popular Essays. Due to the Islamic values upheld by U.

At the same time, in America on a cold winter morning, almost of children live at home because they have assignments or part-time job like delivering newspapers, while Chinese students just focus on their homework.

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Compare and Contrast the Education System between the United essays