Elizabeth i handwriting analysis

The varying thick and thinness of his writing suggesting a varying degree of pressure.

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Her red hair would be dressed in yet more jewels, as would every finger on each hand. With these type of people, it is their way or the highway.

Queen Elizabeth has been a woman to admire my entire life. Again, you must log in to leave a comment.

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This would suggest an awareness of being somewhat apart from the general noise. The lines are well spaced while the words themselves are a little further apart. One thing I have in common with the queen is a love for handwritten notes.

Queen elizabeth ii signature

However, her claim to have the "heart and soul of a prince" was right. In Henry VIII's case, a dry stamp was used to put his signature on royal documents when he got too lazy to lift his chubby hand. Royal Signatures analyzed by your novice graphologist. If you are a fan of Elizabeth Taylor, then you might find this both wonderful and perhaps some of it not so wonderful. People who write with a heavy pressure are also forceful, dynamic and possess a tremendous determination. Careful observation reveals that the formation of the signature was with a slow slightly uneven pressure, indicating the effort taken and the slowly ebbing energy levels, perhaps caused as much by the emotional effect of Essex's devastating betrayal as by any health problem. Please add any facts about Elizabeth Taylor that you would like the rest of the world to see as this is more of a personality assessment. Her thought processes were fast, with many clever connecting movements and tall, lean letter forms indicating an incisive mind and her ability to rapidly formulate ideas with little need for background information or detail. People with varying slants are often lively, crave variety ahh.. Queen Elizabeth has been a woman to admire my entire life. But I did indeed find one! These people are often an enigma and even close friends rarely know them well. Elizabeth put the offer of marriage on the table several times and then snatched it away the next. I studied graphology for years before I figured out that it is ten times harder than it looks. The writing would appear to confirm this fact, indicating her need for affection and approval from others, but also a basic — and perhaps necessary - belief in the male dominated society.
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Queen Elizabeth