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Despite being a Catholic, she invests more faith on the sea, and natural happenings are looked upon by her as a warning of impending doom. Falling Action Falling action in this story is when Cathleen and Nora ask their mother Maurya to chase Bartley to give food they forget to give and give blessing from Maurya to Bartley.

the play riders to the sea is set in

Though set in contemporary Ireland, the play provides a view into the life of the people in ancient times.

Shortly after this, when the two sisters manage to convince their mother to give Bartley the cake as a token of her blessings, Maurya obliges but on returning, reveals how she has seen the spirit of Michael behind Bartley and consequently, being shocked, has failed to give him the cake.

In the exposition of the play, Nora and Cathleen are seen aiming to hide the clothes of their drowned brother, Michael, who is rumored to have died in the sea. Nearly every institution of society was affected by rapid and unforeseeable changes.

riders to the sea

They are caught between the dual realities of the sea as a source of livelihood and a fatal threat. The dialogue below describes her personality. The character Mauyra most obviously becomes pessimistic even while she is still not sure of the fate of her son.

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Riders To The Sea Summary and Analysis