Determination of water hardness through the

Place a beaker under the burette, and run the EDTA solution slowly and carefully through the burette until the bottom of the meniscus sits exactly on the 0. Introduction: Complexometric titrations are titrations that can be used to discover the hardness of water or to discover metal ions in a solution.

determination of hardness of water by edta titration method

Hardness of the water is very important in industrial uses, because it forms scale in heat exchange equipment, boilers, and pipes. Transfer the solid to a mL volumetric flask and dissolve with about mL of water.

total hardness of water

Transfer to a mL volumetric flask and dilute to the mark. Keep swirling the conical flask during the titration to mix the contents. Use the standard EDTA solution to titrate the hard water.

Determination of water hardness through the

This will be done by preparing a calcium chloride solution. Hard water can also leave a film on hair, fabrics, and glassware.

Determination of hardness of water by complexometric titration

Deionised water can be poured into the flask using the funnel until the volume of solution in the flask is a bit below the mark on the flask. Dissolve the solids in water and transfer this solution into a clean 1 liter volumetric flask. After the standardization of EDTA, the calcium content in an unknown water sample will be found. Titrate with EDTA until a blue color appears. Erichrome black — T dye E. Pipet 50 mL portions of unknown water into three mL Erlenmeyer flasks. This will be done with same way as the first titration occurred. When the indicator Erichrome black T dye is added into the hard water, then the indicator forms unstable complex with calcium and magnesium ions and the solution turn into wine red. EDTA dissolved in water forms a colourless solution. Add 5 mL of ammonia based pH 10 buffer using a pipette1. Do you know this? This will be done by preparing a calcium chloride solution. The calcium in the water will be measured by performing a titration with EDTA. The complex that is initially formed is red.
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Determining Total Hardness in Water Chemistry Tutorial