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I can recall a lot about the minutiae of that night, about how the firefighters arrived, lighting huge spots on the car, making it seem like day in that glade, and then the whining of the saw as they cut her out.

Fresh dew drops clung to it.

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The Jaws of Life were required to cut the bodies from the wreckage. It meant that for at least that moment the prophecy was true: You were so good, in fact, that you could raise the dead. Keith convinced Benjamin to complete his training in becoming a printer, in London. Instilling an age and weight requirement will level the playing field where all participants are approximately equal in size. Among them I was the oldest, recently sprouting up an inch taller than my dad, attaining full, moody man-boy status. Have you ever been in a football stadium? Lawns turned green again, the leaves drawing lush curtains over everything. And our precious weekends were soon filled with fund-raising, chores at headquarters, and more training courses, including hours logged at a local emergency room.

Everyone in life has their ups and downs and nothing in this world is perfect. This crew, as I remember it, had responded to a very bad crash on the interstate, had performed CPR under harrowing circumstances, and had brought someone back to life.

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Jax could only confirm what the psychiatrist had said, that things had gone "very well," whatever that meant. Now here he was, Jax, the once mighty berserker, laid low. Wharton, a guy I really revered. I positioned the flashlight on the dash, and then, as I placed my hands over each side of her head, over her ears, with both my pinkies lifting from below her jaw, her face rose before me. No matter how egregious or boorish the behavior or betrayal, to say it out loud, to reveal it beyond the social circle for which it was meant, was an affront almost as egregious. We were sitting right under the kitchen window and the light The girl or woman, maybe in her mid-twenties, had hit the tree going very fast, fast enough for her skull to have been punctured and brain matter to have seeped out. We rode our bikes everywhere. Neither side even tries to understand each other, and tend to dislike each other. There were thousands of fans, cramming their way into every available seat.

The only way to drive by is to set the past straight, once and for all, by remembering. I shone a flashlight over boulders and downed branches. The louder and funnier and more kinetic he was, the more I struck a pose of dumb bewilderment.

With the passage of time, Jax doubled his efforts to retrieve some shard of absent memory.

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He looked frightened, diminished. Wharton, a guy I really revered. The lights were shining down upon the field, as if all the lights on Broadway were centered on our two teams at this very moment. When the police asked to talk to him, he went without his lawyers, against their advice, and tried to answer what he could about the accident.

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descriptive writting of a football game where I was injured. High in sensory detail.