Death penalty humane or inhumane essay

He also said he was subjected to sleep deprivation and denied access to medicine and medical treatment for a sinus and middle ear infection.

death penalty cruel and unusual punishment facts

Tomiyama Tsuneyoshi was sentenced to death by the Mito District Court on 24 December and his sentence was finalized by the Supreme Court on 1 April In the assistant attorney general assigned to prosecute the case on appeal resigned after becoming convinced of the defendants' innocence.

They are also intended to show cruel and arbitrary way in which this penalty has been inflicted in Japan.

Why is the death penalty cruel and inhuman

According to his supporters Hakamada Iwao said: "I was interrogated for an extremely long time, during which time I was not allowed to go to the toilet. They may sit in one of three positions only: cross-legged; in the seiza position sitting on one's heels when kneeling on the floor ; or sitting on the floor with legs on one side. Statistics cited in favor of the death penalty are often dubious by including only murder rates per capita and the number of executions in some lengthy period of time. Per capita, China executes 0. Throughout the world innocent people are executed in several inhumane forms which the United States should not follow. The vast preponderance of the evidence shows that the death penalty is no more effective than imprisonment in deterring murder and that it may even be an incitement to criminal violence. Almost 60 others, including three women, are awaiting execution in conditions of detention which sometimes amount to torture or ill-treatment. For one year, until March when he was diagnosed as mentally ill, he suffered hallucinations and shouted in his cell.

Comparing black and white offenders over the past century, the former were often executed for what were considered less-than-capital offenses for whites, such as rape and burglary. Daily prison routine is often strictly enforced and even small breaches of discipline, such as shouting or lying down outside rest hours, are liable to punishment.

By this reasoning, the death penalty must be used to keep our prisons safe and kill those who kill in prison, rather than weighing our approaches at making prisons safer.

He was arrested in April and charged with armed robbery and the murder of four people.

death penalty banned
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