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Did Gerry Bertier tell a nurse Julius Campbell was his brother so he could visit in the hospital? Williams High School in Alexandria, Va. Sheryl wasn't as deeply intense about football as the film depicts. In , the real Sheryl Yoast passed away from a heart condition that had gone undetected for years. Photo by YouTube The accident happened on December 11, Former Titan players have stated that this type of player would have been kicked off the team during training camp, before the season ever started. Now remember a large part of this movie was about the integration of the school in and how the team came together, breaking through racial strife — simply not true. Williams High School integrated in ? Photo by YouTube As it turns out, this was another scene that was played up for the big screen. Boone truly regards football as his sanctuary. Were all of the Titans players in the movie based on actual people?

It was later determined that the accident had been caused by a mechanical failure in the motor mount of the Camaro's engine '71 Titans Website. Herman and his wife Carole have two daughters. Were the Titans often the underdogs, as the film implies?

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So on the night of his 78th birthday, he did just that — recounting memories revolving around growing up in Rocky Mount and attending North Carolina Central University, then named North Carolina College at Durham. The school had been integrated for years. Did the real Gerry Bertier really die 10 years after the '71 season? Sure, the Titans got bad calls like any other team. Williams team. The real Herman Boone did not own a gun. Did a plot really exist with the referees to ensure that the Titans would lose a game? This scene was fictionalized for the movie, as was Coach Tyrell Brett Rice. In the movie Remember the Titans, we see Coach Yoast Will Patton confront a crooked referee, telling him to call the game fairly or else he'll expose the whole plot to make the Titans lose the game, resulting in the firing of Coach Boone. I'll say for the record my hair was never that long. I wish she had spent any time with my children. All the teams that Williams High played were integrated as well, so there is no actual proof this ever happened. Here, Gerry's mom Jean Bertier recounts her son's accident, his recovery, and the inspiration that he was to her and so many others. Win or lose The best player will play, color won't matter.

The coach emphasized the importance of trying your hardest in most of his speeches, not winning. Sheryl ends up watching game films with Boone instead.

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Interests… coaching football, pure and simple. They began to perform together and became a winning championship team. But taking his team to a cemetery to do it? This part of the film is true.

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Were the Titans always viewed as the underdogs, like the movie implies? See also. Sheryl lived with her mother. Heading home from a business trip in March of , Bertier was struck by a drunk driver who crossed over the center line. How did it change from ancient times when people played "ball" with their "feet? Was T. Coach Boone : If that's the way you see it. Although racial tension did exist in Alexandria, Virginia in , it was significantly embellished for the movie.

The T. That belief will certainly be tested at T. Coach Boone : Welcome to my life, Yoast.

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Did Coach Boone really toss a banana at a rival coach at the end of a game?

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