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Definitely recommended! Tweet Tom Hanks does a superb job of carrying "Cast Away" all by himself for about two-thirds of its running time, but isn't much helped by additional characters in the opening and closing sequences. The earlier film huffed and puffed to evoke a similarly elemental struggle in the traditional Hollywood ways, with strenuously grandiose music and oversize, patently unrealistic computer-generated special effects. Even at moments of maximum stress, the qualities that shine through are an infectious spontaneity, curiosity, ebullience and native optimism, along with an instinctive common-sense resourcefulness. Chuck Noland befriends a volleyball. We first meet our hero as he is shouting time-management slogans at a bunch of lazy, vodka-sodden Russians unlucky enough to work at the Moscow depot of Federal Express. With a bravura mastery of tone and timing, ''Cast Away'' sweeps us out to sea and washes us ashore on a tiny deserted island in the Pacific. The magic of Castaway Island extends well beyond its bure beach views. The volleyball is one of many practical uses Chuck is able to make from the washed-up items many of them Christmas presents in FedEx packages that at first seem useless but become essential survival tools. Then his FedEx plane crashes and he's stranded on a desert island for four years with nothing to do but grow a very big and unattractive beard. First, the core message of this film is redeeming: Never give up hope. While marooned, Chuck is battered and bloodied as well, including cuts on his feet, a deep gash in his leg and a penetrating wound to his hand. It's like standing on the edge of a cliff and imagining that fatal leap into the unknown. But if you thought this was a critique of FedEx in some way, or a comment on the absurdity and meaninglessness of globalism and the ever-expanding imperatives of commerce, then boy would you ever be totally wrong. The center of the film is an unforgettably gripping, heart-in-your-throat evocation of the unbearable loneliness and terror of ultimate abandonment once its hero, stranded and presumed dead, gives up hope of being rescued but still clings tenaciously to life.

Crashing into the ocean, Chuck is plunged underwater, his life-preserver narrowly avoiding puncture by a shard on which it is momentarily caught.

On one such trip, Chuck's manic existence abruptly halts when his plane goes down in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and he becomes stranded on a remote, uninhabited island.

He must resist desperation and not reach the point of cracking up. The two sleeping areas can be separated using a sliding privacy screen, giving both parents and children privacy from one another.

Positive Elements. How might that relate to your future relationships? This movie is a moving exploration of what happens when everything we hold on to is taken away from us.

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As he scurries off, she gives him a timepiece with a picture of herself inside; he gives her a box that can only contain a ring. This is accompanied by traditional entertainment and should be a fun evening for the whole family. This movie is a moving exploration of what happens when everything we hold on to is taken away from us. Hanks lost more than 50 pounds for this section of the film Mr. Helen Hunt plays his fiancee, Kelly Frears, who tries her best to accept a man ruled by a beeper. It brought Hanks an Oscar and a reputation as a malleable lump of box-office gold. But for now, Chuck is just a busy old American bee, a man hinged to and unhinged by the rapidity of modern international communications. There is one package with an angel wing logo on it that he does not open. A small makeshift beach bar is the ideal place to order cocktails to be sipped on your sun lounger, while the fully stocked Lali bar in the main restaurant area stays open until the last person leaves! He shreds his leg on coral and has to extract an abscessed tooth. Bliss… Click here to check prices and availability for Castaway Island.

The world in which he finds himself, a pristine island amid a turquoise sea, is as dazzlingly beautiful as it is treacherous.

Everybody knows the menu.

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She comes from clock-watching stock, and for Christmas gives Chuck her grandfather's railroad watch. It is likely that families will be tempted to take it in. Marooned with only the timepiece to remind him of home, Chuck finds himself facing only one deadline, the race to survive in the face of starvation, dehydration and natural disaster.

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