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A few things about promoting… If your Facebook page not you, the individual hosts the event, you can boost the event as in pay to have it seen by more people.

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For a small group, you could organise an intimate sit down meal or, for larger numbers, a scenario where diners swap tables between courses. If you know anything about millennials, we want to do things that have a purpose. As soon as we hit about tickets, I start posting the link to EventBrite with however many hours and tickets are left. Remember, promotion is going to be your toughest battle especially if this is your first event. Get volunteers to be anchors for your event. It works every single time. The morning of the event, text them all to remind them, let them know how to find you and what to expect with parking. As the host of a networking event, you enjoy the privilege of being able to build a relationship with each and every attendee, meaning your contact book will soon be bulging! Make sure they reflect your business accurately and include all the relevant contact details, including your email and website address. There are always a few people at any event who are off in a corner, not talking to anyone. As I describe in my e-book Stand Out Networking , a great solution is to find a co-host.

Welcome them, and focus on talking about what they do, not what you do. Make an effort to go out of your way to do so.

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A lot of what they love is how I promote my events. They will usually hang in the background and observe.

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Many nicer hotels will allow you to hold a networking event in their lobby or patio area, and often you can get the space for free if the hotel bar is connected to the space. If you follow the feedback, you should see your professional networking events grow both in popularity and size. Centrally located near Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, The Roberts Centre is an ideal venue to host professional networking events.

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The Epic Guide To Planning A Networking Event