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Accountant strengths and weaknesses

I find I can get more done this way, am focused on what is most important to my manager, and also have a better relationship with my co-workers and subordinates. Be sure to present these weaknesses in terms of how they impact the employer. Do you ever set aside the time to take a look in the mirror to see where you are letting others — and yourself — down, and how you can improve? It's important to try and remain positive. Create a spreadsheet with pivot tables or design a PowerPoint presentation. At least one! Tell that narrative in two parts, as usual about how you converted a weakness into something positive. Most people think of themselves as hard workers—who would actually admit to not being a hard worker? To do so, I have created a personal framework for times when I feel overwhelmed or confused by an ambiguous task including conducting structured research and asking subject matter experts for advice. I would make detailed calendars with every step of a campaign before embarking, which included estimating time and making due dates for even the smallest of tasks.

It is a goal of mine to become not only comfortable but successful working with ambiguity. I always have my smart phone with me and, of course, I have both a Mac and a PC at home.

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I perform well under pressure. After a while, I started noticing a pattern in my career that I would work very hard on projects, staying up all night to finish them in advance of deadlines, and making it a goal for myself to be the first one in the office every morning and the last one to leave.

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Recovery With this new work, I will have the opportunity to learn the job the way you want it done, not the way a different organization does it.

It's important to try and remain positive. Be cautious about choosing a weakness that might reinforce a negative gender stereotype, like being too emotional for women and being arrogant or thoughtless for men.

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You should explain how you are overcoming or plan to overcome your weakness.

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How To Talk About Your Biggest Weakness In A Job Interview