Biopsychosocial vs biomedical model

Mentalizing is fundamentally the cognitive skill of understanding why people do what they do. This will be especially true if we can develop intervention methods that influence function at different levels of organization and demonstrate the mechanisms of cross-level effects.

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To some of us it is obvious that biological, psychological and social factors are in reality integrated and that biopsychosocial medicine seeks to elucidate this reality. We need to find ways to explain the biopsychosocial model in biomedical terms, i.

Biopsychosocial vs. biomedical model essay

While a strict focus on cellular and chemical factors is tailor-made for treating observable, bodily dysfunctions, mental illness is a much more intangible and complex ordeal. Parker R. A biological focus also relies on pharmaceutical solutions for effective treatment, as these medications target specific chemical imbalances. Mounting research throughout the decades has detailed the flaws of the biomedical model. The inclusive nature of the biopsychosocial point of view may be a direct response to the limited scope of the biomedical model. To counter this reductionist biomedical paradigm, Engel proposed a biospsychosocial approach to medical interactions. For the purpose of communicating with policy-makers and funders, and ultimately improving health care, our empirical understanding of the role of the brain in mind-body interactions needs to be expanded.

Also, this particular framework views health as the complete absence of disease, pain or defect. With such a diverse set of influences, the new framework seeks to explain more rather than narrow explanations down.

However, now that chronic non-infectious diseases prevail, its efficacy has not only become questionable, but also the issue has been raised of its economic justification.

Biopsychosocial vs biomedical model

References: Engel GL. Since the brain is in the body, the mechanisms of brain-body interaction will be more readily understandable than mind-body interactions.

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What's The Best Approach? BioPsychoSocial vs Biomedical. Part 1