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This is precious quiet time for me and the kids, and it starts the day off on a great note. Related Content.

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I try and do a bit of yoga or run every day. My sister, mum and cousin live close by and they are often home to check in on the kids as well — and luckily in Singapore affordable child-care means it is possible to do a job you love and have a family.

Get the latest on the markets and currencies as the team assess the impact of news as it breaks. The programme also looks at the stories behind the numbers, hears from inspiring entrepreneurs, and explores the latest technologies changing the way we work.

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Nothing like a bit of family time to end a productive working day. Whether you're an investor, run your own business, work in the financial sector, or just want to understand more about the global economy and how it affects you, watch Asia Business Report at:,and GMT Monday to Friday.

This is when the kiddos start to rise and shine and I do the school bus drop off and we chit chat about the day ahead. Specifically my two children, Aryana age 5 and Krishna age 2.

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The presenters speak to the region's most influential business leaders to grill them about their companies' performance and to reveal their perspectives on the global economy.

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24 Hours With… BBC News Asia business correspondent Karishma Vaswani