Argumentative research paper drug trafficking

Besides being a big producer, Americans are also among the biggest consumers of drugs Dorn et al. Two of the main drugs that are trafficked are cocaine and heroin.

Argumentative research paper drug trafficking

However, the war against drug trafficking seem to overweigh those against it. Drug Trafficking Drug trafficking includes trade of illegal drugs. The issue I am addressing is drug use and trafficking that has been known of for many years. The laws the government has made to fight this war on drugs are not effective enough, and sensible amendments of these laws highly call for attention in the country.

Drug trafficking causes and effects

Syal, , p. The three main challenges, described in this strategy include prevention of drug use, of driving under drug impact and prescription drug abuse. Even the people who are convicted of assault and robbery are there because it somehow leads back to drugs. The goal of the drug policy of creating a drug-free nation has therefore terribly failed to yield any fruit. The drugs cost a fortune and when an individual cannot afford, they can do anything to get them — especially when they are addicted to them. Do you like this essay? I am curious to know more about how it affects the economy, why people do it, and what are resolutions for the issue. However the murder rate has gone down in most places. According to UNODC, the major illicit drugs that are being produced and traded are cocaine, opium, cannabis and heroine. Topic suggestion tool. Sadly most people who lived in Mexico tend to be victims of a crime. The fact, that drugs were illegal, unfortunately could not restrict the actual sale and distribution, on the contrary this field of criminal activity was able to bring such high profits and the system was so well-built, that drugs became integrated into the American culture. During the early s the demand for cocaine spreads rapidly in the United States, the limited raw supplies produced in Colombia were build up with coca paste imported from Bolivia and Peru, refined in "kitchen laboratories" in Colombia, and smuggled into the United States. Thus in this section we have briefly studied some examples of the widely —spread illegal drugs, countries of their origin and application, possible negative effects and risks of the most famous illegal drugs. Addiction is not the final sentence, there are many case, where the situation might be returned under control with the help of special community addiction centers, development of new medications and so on.

More thanpeople are killed each year and everyone is affected. Legalize drugs and the smuggling and selling crimes are replaced by people-under-the-influence crimes and the effect would bring any country to its knees.

This indicates that a large amount of money is spent in incarceration and this imposes a huge burden on the taxpayers who make up the American population. Drug trafficking was best known in Michoacan, Guanajuato and Guerrero but it has recently spread across all of Mexico. There appeared certain layers of society, where the high cost could not be an obstacle and drugs were used as a type of recreational activity.

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Argumentative Essay: Drug Abuse