An introduction to the issue of world war one and world war two

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Visual artists like Otto Dix of Germany and British painters Wyndham Lewis, Paul Nash and David Bomberg used their firsthand experience as soldiers in World War I to create their art, capturing the anguish of trench warfare and exploring the themes of technology, violence and landscapes decimated by war. Their ultimate goal was the creation of a Serbian nation. As a result of the war, some 20 million people died and the world's great empires fell. There are two main types of chemical warfare, one affects the surface of the body they come in contact with and the other affects the nervous system. Having been deemed the aggressors in World War One, the Germans were forced, by the Treaty of Versailles, into a situation which left the country even further ravaged that its contemporaries. Bibliotheque nationale de France Read more The conflict, called the Great War by those involved, was the first large-scale example of modern warfare - technologies still use in battle today were introduced in large scale forms then, some like chemical attacks were outlawed and later viewed as war crimes. Many historians and those who have studied the Great War tend to give varied opinions as to what initially sparked the outbreak.

Imperialism adopted by European countries, especially in Africa, the rise of Germany, which build up the development of alliances between States and the expansion of nationalist movements are the main elements.

AP The front in France, a scene on a battlefield at midnight.

An introduction to the issue of world war one and world war two

In November , the Ottoman Empire entered the war on the side of the Alliance, opening fronts in the Caucasus , Mesopotamia , and the Sinai Peninsula. Second Edition. Germany sunk four more U. Japan was responsible for attacking neutral nations without a declaration of war , such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Yet ultimately, the actions of German soldiers on the battlefield, the tremendous destruction witnessed by the German populace and the country's overwhelming defeat robbed Germany of much of its radiance, and damaged its standing on many fronts. For hundreds of years many of these small nations were held under the gripping powers of Turkey, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. Above all I am not concerned with poetry.

For instance, the First World War was preceded by a number of events globally. The Big Four Britain, France, the United States, and Italy imposed their terms on the defeated powers in a series of treaties agreed at the Paris Peace Conferencethe most well known being the German peace treaty—the Treaty of Versailles.

America Enters World War I At the outbreak of fighting inthe United States remained on the sidelines of World War I, adopting the policy of neutrality favored by President Woodrow Wilson while continuing to engage in commerce and shipping with European countries on both sides of the conflict.

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In the night of August 3—4 German forces invaded Belgium. It had been ruled by Emperor Franz Joseph I sincewho had been grooming his nephew, Archduke Franz Ferdinand as the heir to the throne.

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Because of this act, she was executed for treason by being shot by a firing squad, and her death made her internationally known.

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