An analysis of the importance of violence in overcoming the victorian family ideals in wuthering hei

Catherine, for example, calls her relationship "a source of little visible delight, but necessary.

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Naturally, the treatment that he receives at Wuthering Heights has an effect on Heathcliff. She let most adult figures in her life guide her future. Catherine soon turns this destructive force inwards and wills herself to get ill.

An analysis of the importance of violence in overcoming the victorian family ideals in wuthering hei

Some even go as far as to theorise that Cathy was created to represent all the pent-up desires and characteristics of Emily Bronte. With his mind solely focused on seeking vengeance on those who have hurt him, Heathcliff is unable to maintain the responsibilities of an adult, a father, or even a human being.

She could almost be considered tomboyish in nature. The verb used by Lookwood "haunt" is appropriate as later in the novel Catherine returns to haunt Heathcliff. Is Heathcliff succumbing to human nature? Their love denies difference, and is strangely asexual. Although not a ruined castle, Wuthering Heights has many Gothic characteristics. In Chapter XII she suggests to Nelly that the years since she was twelve years old and her father died have been like a blank to her, and she longs to return to the moors of her childhood. He will oppress and exploit their children, HaretonEarnshaw and Linton Heathcliff, in precisely the same way that Hindley and Edgar oppressed and exploited him. However, he discovers that relative to Heathcliff, he finds himself extremely sociable, where Heathcliff treats his visitor with the minimum of friendliness and warmth. Such a love is not necessarily fortunate or happy. Many romantic influences are woven into the fabric of Wuthering Heights. As has been demonstrated in this dissertation, Heathcliff devastates different characters in various ways. These lovers, with the possible exception of Hareton and Cathy, are ultimately self-centered and ignore the needs, feelings, and claims of others; what matters is the lovers' own feelings and needs.

There is so much depth to almost every aspect of the novel. Heathcliff is no longer given tuition, and must work outdoors, where he and Catherine spends their time together.

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